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Brawny's Bootcamp - Online Fitness Tracker and CRM


Company Details

Brawnys Bootcamp is a personal trainer service offering in person or worldwide online coaching.

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Alice is a personal trainer and she wanted a way for her customers to be able to track their progress while allowing her to provide them with all the resources they need to succeed.

Brawny's Bootcamp tried several apps which were expensive and never quite fit the requirements.

The Plan

Adding to the existing website, a bespoke customer portal needed to be created allowing users to sign up automatically including setting up a payment subscription. Admins would need to be able to manage all content within the system and view/maintain all customer information.

There is a need to create video libraries as well as recipe banks filled with pdf documents. Users can be on different pricing plans which requires some resources to be inaccessible on the lower packages.

The Design

The style of the system needed to match the existing website, a lot of styling was reused to keep the branding throughout. All parts of the system needed to be user-friendly for all screen sizes.

Stripe is the payment gateway of choice as it is already being used, this will need to be integrated into the website for automatic customer signup.

Fitness Tracker

Working with Alice, we needed to know what details should her users be tracking and a bespoke database was designed to store all the information.

The main focus of the system is allowing users to track their statistics, they can add their statistics as often as they wish (or are told by Alice!) so both Alice and the customer can see the progress they are making. Including the ability to upload photos, this then allows Alice to create her bespoke training regime for that customer and can train anyone in the world.

Brawny's Bootcamp Body Statistics

Each time a new entry is added it will automatically calculate the total weight lost or gained. In addition to this, the customers calorie calculator is automatically refreshed, and they are presented with new calorie and protein targets.

Video Library

Brawny's Bootcamp run live bootcamps every week but for those that miss it, they are recorded and uploaded to watch at a later date. A user can mark a video as favourite which will be stored in its own folder, so it is easily found at a later date.

Alongside the live bootcamps, there are multiple on-demand video libraries which users can view at any time. With each new video adding more value to the subscription.

Under each video there is the possibility to leave a comment which is automatically emailed to Alice, this is a great way for her to get feedback and ensure her users are following their plan.

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Nutrition Library

Brawny's Bootcamp has 100's, maybe even 1000's of recipes by the time you read this. The design of the nutrition library allows Brawnys Bootcamp to split recipes into categories, you'll find recipe packs and even the nutritional course. All this is controlled by the admins allowing them to organise it as they wish.

Each recipe opens up within the browser using a PDF plugin taking away the need for the user to download each document every time.

What Next?

This is a forever developing system, it started with just the body statistics and a few libraries to now having 4 video libraries, a huge nutrition library and all the relevant customer information stored within it. When Alice is ready to offer additional services to her customers, further development will take place.

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