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Company Details

Emerald Sky Accounts provides bookkeeping and accountancy services to small and medium business.

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Wendy wanted a solution that would allow new and existing customers to get quotes day or night. Emerald Sky Accounts frequently review customer subscriptions and wanted a quick and effective solution to calculate these.

Adding a public facing pricing page allows them to be fully transparent with their pricing and also generate new leads.

The Plan

Emerald Sky didn't have a website but wanted to do things right from the start. The system needs to allow users to fill in the details for what bookkeeping or accountancy services they require, to display the total costs for those services and once submitted, the ability to book a discovery call.

The customer will need to receive an emailed copy of the proposal and the details need to be stored for Emerald Sky to retrieve when necessary.

The Design

With over 60% of websites viewed on a mobile device, the design needed to be responsive for all screen sizes. The pricing calculator needed to be fully functional and easy to use on a small screen.

Since bookkeeping is a professional service, the website design was aimed to reflect this using a clean colour scheme matching that of the business branding.

Pricing Calculator

Working with Emerald Sky, we needed to ensure we captured the price of each service along with the modifiers applied based on certain conditions. A formula was then created to carry out the background process to work out each price as users made changes to the form.

Emerald Sky Accounts Pricing Calculator

Once the user submits the proposal, the data is securely stored in a database and emailed to them automatically. It is made clear that this is not the final price, it is subject to review and during the discovery call, when it is possible for employees to make any necessary amendments.

When amendments are saved, an updated copy is then sent directly to the customer via email and if accepted, the onboarding process is started, due to the requirements of the onboarding process, this is not fully automated.

Employee Portal

Although users can submit their proposal directly on the public pricing page, it needed to be possible to amend and create these by Emerald Sky employees. A secure portal was created to allow employees to search for previously submitted proposals as well as setup new proposals should they be completing a discovery call with a new or existing customer.

Within the employee portal, it is also possible to manage the blogs. Employees can schedule future blog posts as well as make amendments to existing.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It was suggested to add a blog to the website to help improve SEO. Bookkeeping and accountancy is a very competitive market and ranking high in search engines is a huge challenge for new websites. Adding more content and keeping the existing content fresh will continuously help improve the reputation with Google which will result in higher rankings and more organic traffic.

Regular meetings are held to discuss gaps in keywords for future blog posts and opportunities to drive more traffic to the website.

What Next?

This is just the start for Emerald Sky Accounts, they will look to build on this functionality in the future to include an automated onboarding process. Allowing users to sign relevant documentation and upload identification documents required for Anti-Money Laundering Checks.

If you are interested in having your own system designed, we offer a free discovery call to get things started.

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