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Company Details

Primcura Healthcare are a healthcare recruitment provider, offering temporary and permanent staffing solutions to their clients.

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Primcura Healthcare already had a website but it lacked the ability for them to add their job adverts for applicants to apply, resulting in them needing to upload to other job vacancy sites adding a costly overhead for each advert.

The Plan

The website was running on a WordPress CMS system but with all the plugin's required to make the site function, it was running very slow which would be affecting their Google ranking. It was therefor decided to completely rebuild the website using bespoke coding and remove the need for any plugins.

During the rebuild, we would refresh the content and add in additional forms.

The Design

Rob was already happy with the design of the existing website, although some parts of the site failed to be responsive on some screen sizes. These would need to be corrected on the rebuild and a few tweaks would be made to improve the existing design.

Jobs Board

With data security in mind, the system needed to be built to securely store applicant details. A custom designed database was created to store all submitted information by applicants including any uploaded documents such as a CV.

Each job should contain a job description relating to that role, along with a start and end date for the advert. On the end date, the job is automatically removed from the jobs page preventing the need for employees to manually update the system.

You can take a look at the existing jobs and how it is displayed on their site here: Jobs Board

When a job is added to the system, an automated process is run in the background to notify Google to index the new job advert immediately, this will get it into the search results as soon as possible. On each jobs page, Google Structured Data has been added so when it is indexed, Google can also include all jobs within its job listings. Searching Google for "X Y Z position near me" will automatically include Primcura Healthcare job adverts if it matches your search request.

Employee Portal

The portal needed to contain different permission levels that could be easily controlled by admins. This is to ensure only the right employees had access to the right functions and data.

Dashboards were created allowing an overview of how many applicants they've had this week and how many active job adverts are currently running.

Within the employee portal, it is also possible to manage their news articles. Employees can schedule future news articles as well as make amendments to existing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Adding the jobs board and news articles to the site has greatly improved their reputation with Google. The red line marks when the refreshed site went live and since then their reputation has just continued to grow. Prior to the go-live of the new site, the performance graph remained very flat. The blue line indicates the total number of clicks and the purple indicates the number of impressions (times appearing in a search result).

Primcura Healthcare Google Performance Graph

This graph has had it's axis removed to keep data anonymised but covers 3 months of information.

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